From coming session LEAD Curriculum will be followed for Grade Nursery to Grade VIII.

All students will be allotted one of the four House and weekly activities and competitions will be organized

to bring out the best in our students and also helps in building up the team spirit amongst them. Points will be allocated to the house for each activity and the cumulative results will be on  the basis on which winner will be declared.
Students at all levels will be encouraged to participate in all school events. No child should be left behind 
Different colour ribbons be there for ID Card.
The house should be on duty for one week only.  The responsibilities of the house on duty is given below:-
To conduct the Morning Assembly in the befitting manner.   2. To maintain the boards- like News, Thought, To  maintain the garden allocated to the house  & To maintain the general discipline- like -without uniform, Late comers, and ensure the participation of the house in all Inter house competitions.   . . . The performance of each house will be assessed on month basis as per criteria given below.
10% of Marks scored in the inter house competition.   10% of marks scored on account of morning Assembly.  10% of  garden maintained by the house , 10% of  maintenance  of boards &  10%  of general discipline in the school.
House meeting on every last working day of the month. In the last period.  The responsible officials are  required  to prepare the strategy for the next week.
The house -coordinator will give six topics for the month and student or teacher will speak on the topic. 2. GK Questions should be linked with Text BOOK.  List of mantras will be given , and the house on duty will recite only those.
The house will maintain the register of  all activities.  Every house will have its own register. And the house Master will be custodian of the same. Each House will have – House Captain, Assitt . House Captain, CCA Incharge, Sports Incharge  & Discipline Incharge.
Keep your house flag  high in the sky.
Duty of  House Co-ordinator :-   House co-ordinator is responsible for  monitoring and organizing  all the Inter house activities.  Proper record of all activites must be maintained and to make the announcement in the morning assembly on month basis.  House co-ordinator can guide the house master for better performance. Head Boy & Head Girl  will directly report to house –co-ordinator.
House Master will be responsible for individual house . co-house master will directly report to the house master and house master will be responsible to House co-ordinator  who will be responsible to the office.

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