School education is meant for knowledge and social growth. To achieve this goal, the parents send the child to school. It is the foremost duty of the teacher to develop the below mentioned skills among the students.

 Academic Growth of school

1. The main purpose of school education is:

   * Habit formation.

   * To develop thrust for knowledge

   * Ignite the spirit of thinking skill

  * To develop the sense of responsibility & Discipline

  2. Our Vision &Mission :-Our school is based upon an ideology. Our mission is to achieve the goal with in peripheral of our ideology.

  <  From holistic education to the education that brings instant economic returns

 <  To cultivate the moral ,emotional,physical,psychological and spiritual dimensions among the  students.

 <  To keep alive the flame of intelligence through close co-ordination with the parents

 <  To provide education:- EDUCATION TO LIVE +EDUCATION TO PAY.

 3. Tools to achieve The Target

 < Syllabus

< Class Room Teaching

< Cultural Activities - inter house & inter school

< Evaluation 

< Assembly

< clubs